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As of mid September 2014, the Big Idea Mastermind marketing program has merged with an exciting new marketing system named, iPAS2. As a member of iPAS2, you will have access to what I believe is a more attractive and financially appealing system than the original Big Idea Mastermind program. If you wish to work from home and own a financially profitable online business, then I invite you to try iPAS2 for only $7. Please click on the following link and watch the brief video introduction for more information.

Big Idea Mastermind Introduction...

My name is David Thornton, and I would like to welcome you to the internet's most successful online money making program, the Big Idea Mastermind. As the Lead Sales Mentor of the Big Idea Mastermind, It remains my utmost goal to provide you with the truth of how this program works and how it could truly change your life!

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While there may be plenty of articles and reviews available online about the Big Idea Mastermind, this is the only one written by the Big Idea Mastermind’s Lead Sales Mentor, whom is also a Founding Member, and one of the few being mentored by the program’s Creator and Founder himself, Vick Strizheus. Furthermore, I am not just the author and owner of this site, I am an actual recipient of the programs’ continued success. Yes, I am making significant money with the Big Idea Mastermind and receiving my commission payments each and every week, and my life has forever changed!

As mentioned, the person behind the Big Idea Mastermind organization is Vick Strizheus, a veteran online marketer, whom has made millions of dollars online and has helped thousands of his students earn substantial and consistent online profits as well. While the “big idea” came several months ago when Vick realized that it would be an epic idea to combine the product line of Empower Network (an online company with over a 200,000 worldwide members and some of the best products in the business) and a brand new marketing system that would utilize his online experience and marketing strategies into one unique system. Vick wanted to provide internet marketers with a tool to create an honest income, thus, the birth of the Big Idea Mastermind.

The goal of Big Idea Mastermind is to help every new member make at least $5,000 per month in their first thirty days, coupled with providing each member with the tools and education to earn a consistent $10,000 per month within sixty days of joining. As you will learn from the three videos found inside this site’s “Presentation” page, every successful internet marketer needs a vehicle (program) to promote, an engine (marketing platform) to sell the program, and fuel (traffic) to drive the engine. Big Idea Mastermind is the marketing program that promotes the Empower Network products, allowing you to earn 100% commissions. All you need to do is get the traffic (fuel), to your landing pages, allowing the Big Idea Mastermind marketing funnel to make all the sales on your behalf. To make this program an even greater success is that we have now eliminated your need of finding traffic by providing you immediate access to real time buyers on the internet with our new in-house traffic agency. As the sales come in daily, you will be paid your cash earnings each and every week. In short, Big Idea Mastermind is perfect for those that are new to internet marketing (“newbies”), as well of those whom have been in the game for years.

While we are currently in the process of developing other exclusive products to sell online,  providing additional streams of income for you in 2014, this is the perfect time for you to join us and start your online business. Therefore, I encourage you to review this entire website where you will learn about my active participation and commitment to your success as your mentor, watch a presentation of the Big Idea Mastermind, take a tour of the actual program, learn how you will make money, review your earning options, and then witness video testimonies from ordinary members who are using this exact program to earn significant incomes month after month. Finally, you will be presented with an opportunity to join the Big Idea Mastermind and obtain the financial freedom you deserve!  Upon taking action from this site, you will also receive a free bonus worth $901.00, as detailed on the “Join BIM Now” page. 

If you ever have any questions or concerns, I invite you to use the “Contact David” form on the right side of this page, and I will respond accordingly and gladly provide you with an update on the latest opportunities available at the Big Idea Mastermind

2014 Introduction and Review

Official Introduction...

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